Residential Pest Control

Pest Problems Be Gone! Protect Your Family & Your Home

Residential Pest Control for Westchester County, NY and New York City. When it comes to pest infestations in a home, K.E.B. Pest Control understands the urgency to rid your home of the problem in the safest manner possible. Our services focus on pest prevention and long-term pest control.

Let K.E.B. Pest Control with our more than 20 years of pest experience take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to your pest problem. We will assess the environment, monitor, and properly identify the pest at hand before determining the best treatment plan for your unique home environment. With pesticide use as a last resort, K.E.B. Pest Control will work to alter environments and control pests in the most natural way possible.

Pest Control Assessment

We will inspect your living environment to uncover pest problems and offer solutions. We will tailor a pest program to meet your family’s unique needs.

Target Pests

We deliver long-term economical pest management solutions by providing our customers with industry-recognized best practices in pest control and reduced-risk integrated pest management.

Your Home

Every home has unique needs. When we uncover a pest problem we begin by properly identifying the pest while following an Integrated Pest Management approach to controlling it. This includes altering the environment and selecting treatments that target the problem pest in the safest way possible.

Residential Services

We take a thorough look at your home before we decide which pest control method should be used for the interior and exterior of your structure. Following a thorough inspection of the living space, one of our specialists will provide a diagnosis for your pest problem and offer reasonable yet effective treatments for you.
With an Integrated Pest Management approach to controlling pests, we always turn to pesticides as a last resort opting to alter your environment and the pest’s habitat first. When pesticide use is deemed necessary, we always place human health and safety at the forefront in our material decisions.

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