Pest Control for Westchester NY

Pest Control for Westchester NY

Pest-Free Environment for Westchester NY

Here at K.E.B. Pest Control we partner with commercial businesses such as storage facilities, warehouses, laundry services (large and small), movie theaters, gas stations, and more. Our services include:

Sanitation and facility deficiency reports

Staff training on pest prevention and management

Pest proofing environments & wide range of service options

K.E.B. Pest Control, LLC provides innovative pest management services to commercial businesses in Westchester County, NY and New York City.  We deliver long-term economical pest management solutions by providing our customers with industry-recognized best practices in pest control and reduced-risk integrated pest management. We give our clients the services and information necessary to keep insects and rodents away. Our pest management services are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Pest Control for Westchester New York City

K.E.B. Pest Control offers a pro-active approach to managing pests that alleviates on-site conditions conducive to pest activity and limits the risks associated with unnecessary pesticide use.

  •  A dedicated customer service rep for your location

  •  A real time service and inspection report that allow you to accurately track pest activity and management

  • Transparent record keeping of any pest activity on-site and any pest management action taken.

  • Fast response times from highly trained K.E.B. professional pest technicians

  • Quality Assurance through regular service audits.


“They literally saved my skin!
I was getting eaten alive at night and swore I had bedbugs. I had even seen 2 adult ones. However, my dermatologist told me that my bites weren’t bedugs, rather a gnat or dustmites. I kept getting bitten and had really bad swelling. My apartment managers sent out “their” pest control company. The guy looks around with a flashlight, barely moves my mattress, and says he can’t find anything. I was so irritated that I had to get a second opinion. I called KEB and they sent someone out the next day. And guess what they found???? Bedbugs. The technician did the thorough job that I had expected from the first company and gave me really great advice on what to do. Even though it was just an inspection, he did a light spray of pesticide just to put me at ease. After I prepped everything, they came back and did a full extermination. ALWAYS get a second opinion!”

-Dee C. Manhattan, NY