Did you know that one of the most common fall invaders here in the northeast is the rodent? It’s true mice and rats look to come indoors in search of food, water and shelter when the weather turns colder. And once inside they rapidly reproduce if not properly controlled.

To bring awareness to the general public of rodent invasions including the germs, diseases and other dangers they leave behind the National Pest Management Association has dedicated the week of November 15, 2015 – November 21, 2015 as Rodent Awareness Week #RAW2015.

Rodents invade approximately 21 million homes per year. So, how can you ensure that yours is not one of them? Exclusion is key to keeping rodents on the outside looking in this winter. Follow these top rodent exclusion tips and ensure you stay rodent-free all winter long.

  1. Begin with a thorough investigation around the exterior perimeter of your home identifying any gaps or openings in your foundation or near windows and door jams. Don’t forget to inspect and replace any worn weather strips or door jams.
  2. Using steel mesh and caulk seal holes that rodents may use to access your home. Remember, a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and a rat can enter through a quarter-sized hole.
  3. Be sure to remove window air conditioning units, they are a popular entry point for rodents.
  4. Next grab a ladder and perform a similar inspection on the roofline. Rodents are skilled acrobats and can scale a brick wall or cross a utility line to access the attic.
  5. Ensure that vents have screens to block entry and that rooflines are properly sealed to keep rodents out.
  6. Finally, be extra cautious with food around the home including that of your pet. Do not feed animals outdoors as it will attract rodents to your home. Indoors keep pet food in sealed containers and promptly clean up spills and crumbs in your home.

If rodents have been a problem in the past now is the time to take preventative measures. Call K.E.B. Pest Control today for help with rodent exclusion, baiting, trapping and rodent clean-up. We have more than twenty years of experience keeping Westchester County and New York City homes and businesses rodent-free.