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Westchester Pest Control For Property Developers

Pest Control for Property Developers Westchester

Property Developers pest management Westchester

Here at K.E.B. Pest Control not only do we partner with property developers but we can make a seamless transition to work with property managers to offer preventative and long-term pest solutions. Our services include:

Pest exclusion, sanitation and facility deficiency reports

Staff training on pest prevention and management

Pest proofing environments & wide range of service options

K.E.B. Pest Control, LLC provides innovative pest management services to property developers in and around New York City. We allow you to focus on your project while we take pest pressures off of your shoulders. The nature of construction sites make them susceptible to pest and rodent infestations. K.E.B. can provide services tailored to every stage of a project. We can also smoothly transition pest management services from developers to property management once a project is completed. We deliver long-term economical pest management solutions by providing our customers with industry-recognized best practices in pest control and reduced-risk integrated pest management. We give our clients the services and information necessary to keep insects and rodents away. Our pest management services are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Pest Control for Property Developers Westchester

K.E.B. Pest Control offers a pro-active approach to managing pests that alleviates on-site conditions conducive to pest activity and limits the risks associated with unnecessary pesticide use.

  •  A dedicated customer service rep for your location

  •  A real time service and inspection report that allow you to accurately track pest activity and management

  • Transparent record keeping of any pest activity on-site and any pest management action taken.

  • Fast response times from highly trained K.E.B. professional pest technicians

  • Quality Assurance through regular service audits.


“I had a termite infestation that was more than I was actually aware of. A representative of KEB tested, and discovered the extent of the infestation and damage. Their price was reasonable and a good investment considering the potential cost of the infestation. The professionalism and quickness they demonstrated was appreciated.”

– Nick Foster